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"An Introduction to the Legal System" in association with the UK Supreme Court

(May- July)



The Introduction to the Legal System programme gives students a chance to look at a case which was recently heard in the Supreme Court. Participants will review the decision made by the court, before coming to their own conclusions and writing a report outlining their thoughts and giving their own judgments.


The project also gives the participants the opportunity to learn about the work of the Supreme Court - the highest court in England and Wales - and to engage with cutting edge legal policy, while at the same time learning about the role of our legal system more broadly.

The focus of the 2025 project is to be confirmed.

The provisional schedule for the 2025 project is as follows:

  • Thursday 1 May, 6-8pm via Zoom: An introductory lecture, explaining the basics of the English Legal System

  • Thursday 8 May, 6-8pm via Zoom: A lecture on the relevant areas of law 

  • Thursday 15 May, 6-8pm via Zoom: A panel talk by the legal professionals providing insight into the Supreme Court case

  • Thursday 22 May, 6-8pm via Zoom: A workshop to test the students' knowledge and report writing session

  • Thursday 29 May, 6-8pm via Zoom: Further report writing session

  • Saturday 20 June, 11pm: Deadline to submit report

  • Tuesday 24 June, 6-8pm via Zoom: Speech preparation session ahead of final event

  • Date TBC July, 6-8pm via Zoom: Final event at the UK Supreme Court in London. The best three students will present their thoughts about the case to a panel of legal professionals.


Apply now:

The only eligibility requirements we have are that you will be 16 years or over at the time of the project and that you are studying for your A-Levels (or equivalent) at a non-fee paying school.


All of our projects are free of charge for all students. Travel and accommodation expenses will be paid for students travelling from outside of London.

To apply complete a brief application form by clicking here. The deadline for applications is 7pm on Thursday 27 March.

If you are a university student or recent graduate and would like to apply to be a Group Leader for this project, please complete the application form here.

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