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BVL would like to take this opportunity to thank ICLR for generously donating their time and resources to publishing our reports.

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Model Law Commission Reports

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Model Law Commission Report 2023:


A report from the students of BVL on:

  • Leasehold Law

  • Animal Rights Law

  • AI and Generative AI

  • Miscarriages of Justice

Model Law Commission Report 2020:


A report from the students of BVL on:

  • Law and Technology

  • Transgender Rights

  • Police Powers

  • Vaccines

Model Law Commission Report 2021:


A report from the students of BVL on:

  • Divorce

  • Domestic Violence

  • AI and IP

  • Education

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Model Law Commission Report 2022:


A report from the students of BVL on:

  • Cybercrime

  • Wills

  • Immigration

  • NFTs

Model Law Commission Report 2019:


A report from the students of BVL on:

  • Assisted Dying

  • Surveillance

  • Adverse Possession

  • Gig Economy

Model Law Commission Report 2018:


A report from the students of BVL on:

  • Automated Vehicles

  • Insolvency Law

  • Landlord and Tenant Law

  • Offensive Weapons

Model Law Commission Report 2017:


A report from the students of BVL on:


  • Prison Law

  • Privacy Law

  • Divorce Law

  • Sexual Assault and Consent Law

Model Law Commission Report 2016:


A report from the students of BVL on:


  • Family Law: Children's Social Care

  • Common Law: Fake Online Reviews

  • Public Law: Envinronmental Law

  • Criminal Law: Hate Crime

Model Law Commission Report 2015:


A report from the students of BVL on:


  • Family Law: Surrogacy

  • Commercial Law: Consumer Law

  • Public Law: Electoral Law

  • Criminal Law: Insanity Law

Model Law Commission Report 2013:


A report from the students of BVL on:


  • Family Law: Domestic Violence

  • Common Law: Social media and the law

  • Public Law: Local Authorities and Child Migrants with No Recourse to Public Funds

  • Criminal Law: Prostitution

Model Law Commission Report 2014:


A report from the students of BVL on:


  • Family Law: Cohabitation

  • Common Law: Genetic Confidentiality

  • Public Law: Extradition

  • Criminal Law: Revenge Porn

Other Student Reports

Summer School 2015: Report on Human Trafficking:


This report follows a week long, evening summer school run in conjunction with Landmark Chambers. During which, 20 students from Greater London came together to study, discuss and debate the modern world of Human Trafficking.


The report records the students discovery of the current issues in one of the most misunderstood and devastating global criminal activities.

Diversity and the Law: 


An exploration of why law is not more representative and recommendations from our young people on improving diversity within the legal profession.


This report looks at topics including: legal education, access to the legal professions, the glass ceiling and judicial appointments. This report also draws on first hand research and analysis into police use of quotas in Northern Ireland.


Law, Policing and Human Rights:


This report sets out student recommendations on the compliance of police stop and search powers (particularly under s.60 CJPOA 1994) with human rights law, the policing of dissent and protests in the context of social media, police accountability and secret trials and uses of restraint during immigration detention.


This report includes comparative research about South Africa and drawn from meetings with the Metropolitan Police and a Scottish police force.

Legal Identity and Welsh Language Rights:


This report draws on research into the role of the Welsh language in the legal system in Wales. The students set out recommendations on:


  • Equality and the Welsh language

  • Welsh in Welsh courts (drawing on comparisons with South Africa and Canada)

  • The possibility of bilingual juries in Wales

  • The use of Welsh in higher courts

  • The right to speak Welsh at work

  • Access to services in Welsh


For all our reports we owe a huge debt of gratitude to the volunteers and guest speakers who generously gave up their time to share their ideas and expertise and to the Supreme Court for their commitment to youth engagement.

A consultation on police powers of stop and search:


BVL worked with Hackney Community Law Centre to respond to the Home Office’s consultation on police stop and search powers. We drew on the research in our Law, Policing and Human Rights report above to share the views of our students with legal policy makers. Thank you to Alex Cisneros for his hard work on this.

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