Model Law Commission

(October - December)


The Model Law Commission is a three-month long project that provides A-Level students with the chance to simulate the work of the Law Commission. We split the pool of students into four groups, each tasked with the reform of one of the following areas of law: (1) Family, Trusts or Land Law; (2) Criminal Law; (3) Commercial and Common Law; or (4) Public Law. From October to December, students undertake a five-stage process: research, formulating recommendations, consulting with their peers, reporting on their proposals and devising their legislation.


Each year, the Model Law Commission begins with a two-day conference. It is over the course of these two days that students are introduced to their respective topics by experts in the field who come from all over the country to speak to them. The young people then take that information and over the following weeks discuss reform ideas with each other, their Group Leaders and their peers. Finally, in late November, individuals from the Law Commission itself visit our students and advise on the difficulties in reforming the law and how to write a law reform report. The project then concludes with a final event in Parliament in December or early January.


If you are interested in learning more about the way law works in the UK, the way it is made and changed and in fair access to justice for everyone, then you are strongly encouraged to apply.

The project will take place between October and December 2021 on the following dates:

  • Weekend conference: 10am to 4pm on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th October

  • 6pm to 8pm on Thursday 14th October

  • 6pm to 8pm on Thursday 21st October 

  • 6pm to 8pm on Thursday 28th October 

  • 6pm to 8pm on Thursday 4th November

  • 6pm to 8pm on Thursday 11th November

  • 6pm to 8pm on Thursday 18th November

  • 6pm to 8pm on Thursday 25th November

  • 6pm to 8pm on Thursday 9th December

  • Final event: 6pm to 8pm on Thursday 16th December


Apply now:

The only eligibility requirements we have are that you will be 16 years or over at the time of the project and that you are studying for your A-Levels (or equivalent) at a non-fee paying school. All of our projects are free of charge for all students. 

To apply complete a brief application form by clicking here. The deadline for applications is 1pm on Friday 1 October.