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Big Voice London Employment Law Gig Economy Summer School 2017 Review

With a combination of a critical mind and a passion for law, this opportunity provides a realistic and advanced view of the law- in my experience, the area of employment law. The UK Supreme Court, professional barristers and undergraduates/graduates striving for success in the same area, support this programme; therefore ensuring the highest quality of service to students.

As for my experience with the Big Voice London, I first walked into the doors of LinkLaters with a blinding mind of employment law. Through my progression each day of the programme, I walked out of the Big Voice London Summer School, with a huge level of confidence and knowledge of employment law. With shock smacked on my face and those of my recently made friends, we won the final debate/speech focusing on the case of claimant ‘Josie’ and her rights within the Gig Economy.

As a result of the five-day programme, it became evident that a programme as powerful as the Big Voice London can eliminate your weaknesses such as my limited confidence and replace them with the desired characteristics of a successful individual within the legal field.

I am extremely grateful for this opportunity, to which I urged to write this for you all, to emphasise the invaluableness and enjoyment I received from the Big Voice London. All students aspiring to pursue a career in law and order should definitely consider this opportunity, as it is one that is truly unforgettable.

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