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Benefits of participating in Big Voice London

MEDICINE, MEDICINE, MEDICINE…… that was about all I heard

for the past two years. I knew it wasn't something I wanted to pursue since I had absolutely no interest or passion for it. I’ve always immersed myself in books, keeping up to date with current affairs and history. However I didn't know what field it would fall under, and suddenly my teacher had sent out a notice for a Big Voice London programme - Introduction to Legal System in association with the Supreme Court. I pondered to myself to apply since it sounded very interesting, though in all honesty I thought I wouldn't stand a chance to earn a place since I wasn't the ideal candidate. Nevertheless, I applied and I was accepted into the programme.

Introduction to Legal System was a fantastic programme run by Big Voice London. It was a month and a half long programme which involved us analysing the various cases and writing a 2,000-word report under 48 hours which was later presented to the Supreme Court.

As for my experience with Big Voice London, I first walked into the Bar Council with absolutely no idea about Joint Enterprise. I walked out of The Big Voice Programme having found the career I wanted to pursue, and more importantly, I gained a huge level of confidence and knowledge of Joint Enterprise.

Closely with my recently made friends, we shared our opinions on the various cases which allowed me to develop my self-confidence and speak my mind. Furthermore, travelling to different locations each week, I found myself in offices such as Linklaters which is known to be a Magic Circle Law Firm. I had a preview of how Lawyers work and how Law Firms run which furthered my understanding in the field.

As result of this programme, it was evident that the beneficial programmes organised by Big Voice London can remove any barriers you have such as low self-confidence and can replace them with characteristics of ambitious individuals that can be successful within the legal sector with no obstacles.

I am very thankful to the Big Voice London Team who take time to plan and conduct such invaluable programmes for upcoming generations who want to pursue a career in law. Their programmes allow participants to gain invaluable skills and knowledge that they may otherwise not have the opportunity to do so. I recommend programmes conducted by Big Voice London because they will be truly unforgettable as well as intellectually rewarding.

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